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Whether you were a new student or an 'advanced' student, you are a teacher in the making.

Everyone is a student, and everyone is a teacher. If you are striving to live a healthy, happy, and holy life, you are serving as an example and guide to others. An Aquarian teacher becomes a forklift for the soul, a lighthouse of hope, an institution of integrity, trust, and humility.

Dive deeply into the concept of The Aquarian Teacher and consider the ways in which you are able to guide others to their healthy, happy, holy birthright.





Kundalini Yoga Technology

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Meditation to Experience the Essence of a Teacher

Meditation on Your Self as a Yogi

Kriya for Inner Vitality and Stamina

KRI Corner: The Caliber of the Aquarian Teacher - with the Caliber Kriya and the Caliber of Life Meditation

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Becoming a Teacher - Capital T by Sat Purkh Kaur

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The Aquarian Teacher: A Consciousness of Hope by Pritpal Kaur

Being a Teacher by Shakti Parwha Kaur

A Subtle Shift: Being a Teacher since Yogi Bhajan’s Passing by Krishna Kaur

Teaching Styles: “You Should Know You” by Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin

Making Sense in an Age of Change: Our Role as Aquarian Teachers by Devjot Singh

Seeing Eye to Eye with the Master by Guruka Singh

The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Sat Nirmal Kaur

Immerse Yourself Within Yourself by Atmabir Kaur

Guru Nanak and the Flying Carpet: A Sikhnet Audio Story for Kids

Blogs on Teaching to Specialized Populations

If you are a Kundalini Yoga teacher, be sure to join IKYTA, 3HO's International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association.

To learn about becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher, visit Teacher Training at KRI.