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Yogic Living: Cleansing & the Yogic Diet

April 2014 Yogic Living

You don't grow old by years, you grow old by food. The bottom line is not how much you know, the bottom line is how much you eat and what you eat.
-Yogi Bhajan

Spring and Fall are good times to cleanse and purify the body, mind, and spirit. This month we focus on Cleansing and the Yogic Diet. As you can see from our content list this month, Yogi Bhajan gave us many recipes, kriyas, and bits of ayurvedic wisdom about health, well-being, and yogic cleansing. Try a 40 day cleansing diet of fruits, nuts and veggies, or a 40 day sadhana with a kriya for digestion/elimination. There's lots to choose from.

Wisdom from the Master

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Food—The Human Medicine

Overeating—A Poem by Yogi Bhajan:

Bhoj Kriya: How to Eat Consciously for Good Health:

Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Cleansing and the Yogic Diet


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Kundalini Yoga—Detoxification

Pranayam Cleansing Meditation  

The Navel Center and Elimination

Nabhi Kriya for Digestion

Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination

Kriya: Let the Liver Live

Apana Kriya (Elimination Exercises)

Aerobic Capacity and Efficiency Meditation

Kundalini Yoga: Purifying the Self

Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger

Archer Pose

A Short and Sweet Kriya to Get the Energy Moving

Kriya for Inner Vitality and Stamina

Sat Kriya: The Everything Kriya

Evergreen Exercises for Men’s Health

Kriya to Make your Skin Radiant

Kriya for Disease Resistance

Breath of 10 Meditation to Become Disease Free

16 Stroke Breath to Rebuild Health

Balancing the Chakras and Corresponding Organs

Self-Care Breath Kriya

Vatskar Dhouti Kriya to Master the Digestive System



The Capacity to Heal (available by donation) presented by Karta Purkh Singh


KRI Corner

The Ancient Art of Self-Healing compiled by Rampreet Kaur


From Our Bloggers

10 Ways to Keep Your LIver Happy (with Kriya for the Liver, Colon, and Stomach) by Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin

Special Recipes from Yogi Bhajan by Guruatma Kaur

Diet Number One  by Kirpal Singh

The Art of Cleansing (with Sitali Pranayam) by Dr. Kartar Singh

Sattvic Yogic Diet and Meditation on Slow Eating by Dr. Sat Siri Kaur

Conscious Eating Guidelines

Transitioning to Vegetarian

5 Environmental Hazards and How We Can Protect our Health by Sat Dharam Kaur

Kundalini Yoga and the Use of Recreational Drugs

The Way We Eat by Dr. Kirpal Singh

The 3 Doshas: Which One are You? by Karta Purkh Singh

8 Food Tips for Women:

Food for Thought, Food for Life by Guru Kaur

The Solstice Diet

Food of the Yogis: An Ayurvedic Perspective on the Solstice Diet by Jai Dev Singh

The Subtle Energetic Realms of Healing by Linda Lancaster

Pita Dosha: Easy Summertime Cooling Tips by Donna Shepper

Sugar is a Poison by Kirpal Singh

Love Animals? Then Don’t Eat Them by Shakta Kaur

Vegetarian Consciousness and the Meditative Mind: by Dr. Santokh Singh

The China Study and the Vegetarian Diet: by Dr. Santokh Singh

The Low-Down on Genetically Modified Organisms:  by Joshua Sandstrom

My Childhood as an Undercover Vegetarian: by Shakta Khalsa

Cleansing and Detoxing through Massage by Dr. Gurusahay Singh

Healing Ayurvedic Herbs for the Root Chakra by Karta Purkh Singh



Blogs with Recipes

Yogic Foods and Recipes

Meet the Beet with Beet Parmesan by Gurubachan Kaur

Simplifying at the Supermarket with Yogi Tea Kitchari by Dr. Siri Chand Kaur

The Trinity Roots: with 6 Potent Recipes for Keeping Up by Sat Jivan Kaur

Confessions of a Sugar Eater: with Morning Millet by Shakti Parwha Kaur

Vegetarian Vitality: Orange Root Vegetable Curry Soup: by Dr. Siri Chand Kaur

Vegetarian Vitality: Maintaining our Minerals with Recipe for Cilantro-Celery-Tahini Dressing: by Dr. Siri Chand Kaur

The Yogi’s Secret Ingredient: with Baja Borscht, Tomato, Cucumber, & Fennel Salad with Kalamata Olives, Tofu “Egg” Salad by Siri Ved Kaur

The Blessings of Langar: with Triple Chili Veggie Pilau by Siri Ved Kaur

Langar: A Sacred Tradition of Sharing Food with Others: with Mung Bean Dahl, Cucumber Raita, Raisin Chutney by Sat Jivan Kaur

Strengthen your Resolve with Healing Herbs and Foods: by Karta Purkh Singh

Drink to Your Health: Bone Up on Calcium with the Fountain of Youth Drink by Indra Kaur

Maintain Healthy Weight with Ayurveda by Karta Purkh Singh

Sattvic Foods for Meditation and Cleansing with Kitcheree, Green Goddess Dressing, Flax Seed Crackers, Key Lime Tarts by Deva Kaur

Developing Digestive Capacity with a Gluten Free Diet with Turmeric and Yummy Spaghetti Squash: by Dr. Siri Chand Kaur

Yogic Recipes for Immune Health: Astragalus Soup and Ajwain Pancakes: by Karta Purkh Singh

Fabulous Figs: by Kulmeet Kaur

The Saag Blog: by Siri Ved Kaur

Turmeric: The Golden Healer: by Siri Ved Kaur

Help Save the World by Eating Less Meat (or none):  with Tofu and Green Onion Veggie Burger by Martha Volz

Women and Food


More Recipes...


Beet and Carrot Casserole

Yogi Tea

Cleansing Foods and Recipes: 2 Liver Drinks, Mung Beans and Rice, Beet & Carrot Casserole

Sesame-Ginger Milk: A Restorative Drink for Men:

Beets Like Me: by Guru Tera Kaur

The Yogic Recipe for Old-Fashioned Root Beer:

Flu Season Ginger Lemon Drink:

The Perfect Breakfast Drink for Women: Ms. Whiz:

Mango Lassi:

Golden Milk: Healing Beauty Tonic for Vitality and Flexibility :

Solstice Mung Beans & Rice with Vegetables:

Solstice Potato Soup:

Solstice Hot Sauce:

Salt Lake City Sunflower Seed Sauce: by Guru Tera Kaur

The Green Diet for Women:

Yummy Kicharee: by Kirpal Singh

Pistachio Paranthas:

Easy Homemade Yogurt: For Your Insides and Your Outsides!:

You Can’t Beat these Beet Pancakes: by Guru Meher Kaur

Birthday Cookies: by Guru Tera Kaur

Healing Foods for Men: Potent Potatoes and Sesame Ginger Milk

Yogi Mush